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The Bitesize Behaviour Podcast is aimed at anyone who wants to learn more about what's going on inside their heads when they are making important decisions, especially around money. 


Hosted by behavioural expert Neil Bage, each episode is under 10 minutes in length, with each an independent episode in its own right - meaning you can dip in and out as you see fit.


Learn about the role our evolution plays; why we take mental short-cuts; and get to know the many behavioural biases that play a crucial part in shaping the outcomes of every decision we make. Enjoy!






About Series One

Series one of the Bitesize Behaviour Podcast sets the foundation for future episodes. It starts by looking at the role our evolution plays in the decisions we make before moving on to exploring, at a high level, how our brain works when we are processing the huge amount of information modern life throws at us. The series is wrapped up by introducing the short-cuts and filters we use to reach decisions each and every day.

About Series Two

Series two begins the journey of exploring specific behavioural biases we all have, from the ever-powerful Confirmation Bias (episode 2) to the intriguing bias of the Peak-End Rule (episode 19). 


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Neil Bage


Neil Bage is the Co-Founder of Shaping Wealth, a learning technology platform transforming the human experience of money. He is also the Chief Behavioural Officer at #humanfirst financial planning firm, Murphy Wealth. He was previously the founder and Director of Behavioural Insight at Be-IQ a multi award-winning behavioural insights' company. 

Neil started his career as a public speaker back in early 1990’s as a professional compère for Rank Entertainment. During this time he was in charge of running the main entertainment venue, being the link between and introducing celebrity acts. Frequently on stage in front of audiences of over 2,000+ people, it was this grounding that gave Neil his unique presentation style - his ability to be fluid with his presentations and to be interactive with the audience. 

Since that time, Neil has featured as a regular Keynote speaker, presenting to tens of thousands of business professionals from different industries including financial services companies, law firms, and multi-national telecoms companies.


A energetic, powerful, and highly engaging speaker, Neil’s talks are a mixture of human evolution, psychology, biology, and compelling storytelling, all of which combine to reveal how people make important decisions that will impact their financial health and wellbeing. 

Neil also features frequently as a podcast guest, conference panel member, and is seen as a go-to expert in relation to human behaviour by consumer publications. 


Helen Wiseford

Voiceover Artist

Helen Wiseford is an actress based in London, UK.

She trained at Arts Educational Schools and has starred in Theatre, Television, Film, Radio, TV commercials, as well as providing voiceovers. 

She is represented by agents Cowley Knox and Guy.


We've taken the transcript from each episode of the Bitesize Behaviour Podcast and created a podcast companion. This means you can also read about the things we discuss each episode as well as listening in!

The choice is yours. Enjoy!